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I haven’t colored the other 3 sketches for Elrond’s family, Finarfin’s family, and Arwen’s family yet, but these are the sketches I’ve done so far for the family portraits I want to do for Arwen’s family tree.

- House of Finwë: (left to right) 

1st row: Fëanor, Finwë, Indis, and Finarfin

2nd row: Findis, Fingolfin, and Irimë

I have this headcanon where Fëanor doesn’t hate his half-sisters but instead tolerates them and even likes them a little. And Findis has a childish crush/adoration on Fëanor. 

- House of Thingol: Melian, Thingol, and baby Lúthien *U* <3

- Lúthien and Beren with their son Dior the Beautiful

- Dior with his wife Nimloth and their children: Elwing, Eluréd and Elurín (um i think i might have messed up ;w; I couldn’ve swore Elwing was older than the twins but I was double checking and apparently she wasn’t I’m sorry TuT)

- Elwing and her husband Eärendil with their sons Elrond and Elros (you can’t see tell yet but I was thinking the twins would have one of those natural phases in their hair color where it’s blonde first but as they get older it turns dark. Idk what it’s called but that’s what happened to my dad x’D born blonde but as he got older his hair turned black).

- Galadriel with her husband Celeborn and their daughter Celebrían 

sorry I haven’t been active lately guys ;w;


Line of Finwë through Celebrimbor

From last night’s livestream UuU I had to take a break from my Túrin illustration so I worked on different Silmarillion stuff for my thesis. 


"Of Maeglin"

I finally finished it I can’t believe how much focus it took to sit down and finish it after many failed attempts.

Anyways, Maeglin in the middle, his parents Aredhel and Eöl on the left, and his cousin Idril with her husband Tuor on the right. 



cue music: THIS

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Melkor wants to be hardcore but his dad won’t let him